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Integrating Poetry into the Classroom

This group is in the early stages of creating a group poem. The next steps are to lay it out as a journey for the rest of the class to experience and decide how they want to present it.

Integrating Drama into the Classroom

The group on the inside is using Image Theatre to depict an important moment in a story. The group on the outside is doing a gallery walk, where they get to witness the frozen tableau from all sides.

Integrating Creative Movement and Music into the Classrooom

Participants using Creative Movement and Music to energize the classroom and engage learning.

Enroll in Northeastern University's Integrated Teaching Through the Arts course on Cape Cod this July

Keith and Jeff will be offering their Integrated Teaching Through the Arts course through Northeastern University right here on Cape Cod July 14-18. You can take it for 3 graduate credits or 68 PDPs. You can get more information and register for the course right here or by clicking on the title of this post. The course is filling up quickly, so check it out. We hope you can join us.