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"the best grad course I have ever taken" coming again this summer!

Keith and I are so happy when we get feedback like that from people who have taken our courses, as we pride ourselves on giving everyone the best experience we possibly can and really want teachers to take what they have learned and put it to use in their classrooms. We are totally invested and passionate about what we do and sincerely hope that you can join us this summer.

Here are a few more responses from course participants:

We had a super week. Jeff and Keith really guided us through a journey into our creative outlets. I looked forward to coming in every day. They were all-inclusive, knowledgeable and well-prepared.

The fact that it was lunchtime before I blinked and wrap-up time before I was ready to call it a day attests to their skills in being organized and providing seamless transitions from one activity to another.

My knowledge grew exponentially. Real possibilities that I can use immediately and new ways to ask what kids can do, not what I have decided they should do.

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Reflections on Northeastern University Integrated Teaching Through the Arts Course

This course was extremely successful in addressing my interests and needs. I couldn't wait to get to class every day to learn new and exciting methods of teaching. I wouldn't change a thing-you guys are amazing!
Excellent! I have never had teachers who were so willing to listen and then actually do something about it.
It was good to participate directly and experience the content as a student would experience it.
100% phenomenal! I am impressed with your skills and your willingness to live by the principles that you are teaching your students.
This was a great way to open up my thinking about boldly engaging in arts integration. This course opens up possibilities.
Jeff and Keith were positive and patient when responding to questions, supplying answers or ideas on the spot, or providing resources the following day. No questions went unanswered and all questions were welcome.
The course was very well organized and structured. A great deal of material was presented and we had time to …

Student Reflections on Northeastern University Integrating Drama and Poetry Across the Curriculum Course

Here are some student reflections after taking our Northeastern University Integrating Drama and Poetry Across the Curriculum course.

An immense success for me as a third grade teacher--endless ideas--realistic, valuable for real classrooms and real students.

It helped me to remember how and why I went into teaching. The materials, the experiential pieces, and the collaboration empowered me.

I realized that poetry is so much more than I knew. I learned how to enhance my ability to empathize with my students.

For the first time I felt like someone was really teaching me how to "feel" poetry.

I am so excited about building the sense of community with my class using the openers, closers and energizers.

This course offered the process I need to get to the creative--the gradual, trust-building process. It provided the validation I needed to continue the great "stuff"!

This course has helped me to break out of my shell!

This has been the best grad course I have ever taken.

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