Participant Reflections on Integrated Teaching Through the Arts k-12 Workshop January 2009

Everyone had a great day at our Integrated Teaching Through the Arts workshop at Barnstable High School on January 16th. Focusing on Creative Movement, Poetry, Music and Drama, the day was full of energy and engagement. Here are some reflections from the participants.

Great workshop, now we are all ready to move in our classrooms. It has
brought the fun back into teaching!

This workshop was incredible and rejuvinating!! I've already started
making a list of activities that I can do with my first graders to go
along with what we are learning about now. I can't wait!!! A big

This workshop introduces methods that can be adapted to fit any level or subject area by providing simple yet far-reaching practices that enhance students' thinking and creativity.

This workshop was very successful in addressing my interests and needs. This was one of the best workshops I've ever had.

I liked how the workshop flowed from one activity to another. Sometimes we sat and then we'd get up. Every time I take [other] summer courses, I have to sit all day. This reminds me to get my own students up and moving. Now I feel I have some new ideas to use such as building community spirit during those movement times.

This workshop was a nice boost-with all that 's going on in the district, it's nice to have a focus on how to make learning engaging.

It reinforces the feeling I've had that creativity is being pushed aside. I find myself guilty of "teaching to the test." This course will re-energize how I approach my topics.

I truly feel like I can walk into my classroom with a new approach.

I'm going to try and build in more movement to energize the kids. I also want to try and build community in class, so that all kids can feel comfortable taking risks.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

It was organized and structured perfectly. It was so much fun to be out of our seats and moving and working with others.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. The presenters made clear connections with the curriculum and emphasized the benefits of integrating the arts.

This workshop opened my eyes to the p0ssiblities of presenting learning standards in more powerful ways that involve the different arts modalities and talents of students.

The leaders were honest in their responses offering varied ideas and opening it up for input from the participants.

The pacing was perfect. There was an effective mix between discussion, presentation, and hands-on activities. Well organized and powerful!

These strategies will help me plan and organize lessons that will engage students on a different level and promote deeper understanding of the curriculum.

This helped me to see education/teaching/counseling with new eyes in a creative, fun, supportive environment. Creativity needs to be stressed instead of testing, testing, testing. Research shows that creativity works in the classroom.

Gave us fresh ideas with movement and poetry. How to make learning fun, creative and relevant.

Loved it! It's a great way to teach curriculum. I learned a lot and am taking away a lot.

The instructors were great-completely knowledgable; they believe in what they do--Passion!

This was the best in-service workshop I've taken in years! As a teacher of young children, the ideas I learned in creative movement and music today can be easily incorporated into my teaching day.

The instructors gave us just enough information to get us started on the activities. This made us use our creativity to come up with unique ideas. They were right there to give us direction and answered all questions.

The instructors were knowledgable, well-prepared, and had excellent presentation skills. They kept us involved and motivated in all the activities.

I was surprised to see how well this could fit into a science curriculum. I expected a visual arts focus, but was very happy to see so much movement and drama was incorporated into the activities.

This is the way we should teach.


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