Northeastern University Courses this Summer taught by Jeff and Keith

We’re happy to announce that we will be teaching three Northeastern University courses this summer- two in Barnstable and one on campus in Boston. We will be offering Integrated Teaching Through the Arts and a new course Integrating Drama and Poetry Across the Curriculum.

Both of these courses are designed to give teachers an opportunity to learn how to energize their classrooms and engage their students through integrating the arts modalities: creative movement, music, visual art, poetry and drama into their everyday teaching practices. Our hope is that they’ll leave the course with strategies that can be put to use right away in their classrooms.

Both of these courses are being offered in Barnstable, so they’ll be convenient to those of us who live on the Cape or Southeastern Massachusetts. Here is some more information and some helpful links. We will also be teaching one course on the Northeastern main campus in Boston.

Integrated Teaching Through the Arts
July 6-10
Northeastern University, Main Campus, Boston

July 13-17
Horace Mann Charter School, Marstons Mills
The purpose of this course is to introduce teachers to the value of integrating the arts modalities into the everyday curriculum by providing teachers with strategies that can be used immediately in their classes. Activities that appeal to the multiple intelligences will be explored through participation, readings, discussions, and presentations.

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Integrating Drama and Poetry Across the Curriculum
July 20-24
Horace Mann Charter School, Marstons Mills
This course will demonstrate the power of drama and poetry when integrated across the curriculum. The participants will be given the opportunity to experience the kind of learning that they should come to expect of their students when using drama and poetry in their own teaching practice. They will discover how to engage students, deepen learning, foster innovation, and make interdisciplinary connections to the curriculum and goals of state standards. This course is designed for teachers of all grades and disciplines.

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Here’s what some of your colleagues said about the class:

This course was extremely successful in addressing my interests and needs. I couldn't wait to get to class every day to learn new and exciting methods of teaching. I wouldn't change a thing-you guys are amazing!

I look forward to using movement, art, music and poetry when working on reading comprehension skills. Right now my mind is so full; it's just swimming with many ideas!

Very successful! Giving me tools and methods to engage and motivate my students, as well as time to tie in with my own subjects was extremely valuable.

If you would like to read more of what people who have taken the course have said or would like to learn more about teaching through the arts then please go to our blog at

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we’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve taken one of our courses and are comfortable with recommending one, then please feel free to forward this information on to a friend. The more the better!

We hope you can join us this summer,
Jeff & Keith


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