"Principal's Research Review" Recognizes the Research on the Value of Arts Education and Arts Integration

The National Association of Secondary School Principals recognizes the importance of integrated arts education.  Click on the following link to read "The Arts: New Possibilities for Teaching and Learning" by Dr. Lauren Stevenson published in the Principal's Research Review: Supporting Principal's Data-Driven Decisions.  As we have said so many times, being able to cite the research gives authenticity and credibility to educators advocating for arts integration in the everyday curriculum.


For me, the Arts are about celebrating and remembering the diversity of human expression, and in addition to this, the universality of human expression.

indiaartfair said…
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indiaartfair said…
As a team we understand that education is important. We also understand and value the importance of Art. Combining these concepts we know that one can demonstrate through Art key educational concepts to students of all ages.

Arts and Education

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