Reflections on Northeastern University Integrated Teaching Through the Arts Course

This course was extremely successful in addressing my interests and needs. I couldn't wait to get to class every day to learn new and exciting methods of teaching. I wouldn't change a thing-you guys are amazing!

Excellent! I have never had teachers who were so willing to listen and then actually do something about it.

It was good to participate directly and experience the content as a student would experience it.

100% phenomenal! I am impressed with your skills and your willingness to live by the principles that you are teaching your students.

This was a great way to open up my thinking about boldly engaging in arts integration. This course opens up possibilities.

Jeff and Keith were positive and patient when responding to questions, supplying answers or ideas on the spot, or providing resources the following day. No questions went unanswered and all questions were welcome.

The course was very well organized and structured. A great deal of material was presented and we had time to reflect on and practice what we learned.

The course was very well organized and structured. I liked the way we moved around and got up to do a movement activity after sitting for a while. The whole day -each day-just flowed.

I look forward to using movement, art, music and poetry when working on reading comprehension skills. Right now my mind is so full; it's just swimming with many ideas!

Very successful! Giving me tools and methods to engage and motivate my students, as well as time to tie in with my own subjects was extremely valuable.

The research supporting arts integration was empowering to me. I feel "armed" to explain my ways to others. Actually learning the variety of activities/modalities was great-and just the beginning for me.

You make a fabulous team and have a nice balance. Your expertise and manner made us feel comfortable to take risks. (I never felt foolish, even when messing up!)

Really opened my eyes to how we see ourselves as teachers. The course helped me by teaching fun, easy movements, songs, improvs, etc. that can easily be immediately implemented into any class.

We had a super week. Jeff and Keith really guided us through a journey into our creative outlets. I looked forward to coming in every day. They were all-inclusive, knowledgeable and well-prepared.

The course was very successful in meeting my specific interests. I signed up for the course to become a better teacher, and I left feeling like I was overflowing with a million new ideas to try with my class.

It made me more aware of my role in the classroom and taught me that it is possible to make learning fun and interactive. I learned how to bring this much needed element to the classroom.

The instructors were amazing! They were so organized and had a wealth of information to share. I have a lot of respect for them, and I could only hope to be as knowledgeable as they are about how to bring a classroom alive.

There was an immediate connection between the ideas presented and ways I could put them into practice.

The fact that it was lunchtime before I blinked and wrap-up time before I was ready to call it a day attests to their skills in being organized and providing seamless transitions from one activity to another.

The readings and materials gave authenticity and credibility to the course. They validated everything that the instructors believed in why the arts must be integrated into the curriculum.

Our questions were always heard and honored. They modeled beautifully how to deal with student questions and concerns.

It will help me remember to include movement and creative activities in each lesson, and the importance of building community in my classroom.

My knowledge grew exponentially. Real possibilities that I can use immediately and new ways to ask what kids can do, not what I have decided they should do.


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