Student Reflections on Northeastern University Integrating Drama and Poetry Across the Curriculum Course

Here are some student reflections after taking our Northeastern University Integrating Drama and Poetry Across the Curriculum course.

An immense success for me as a third grade teacher--endless ideas--realistic, valuable for real classrooms and real students.

It helped me to remember how and why I went into teaching. The materials, the experiential pieces, and the collaboration empowered me.

I realized that poetry is so much more than I knew. I learned how to enhance my ability to empathize with my students.

For the first time I felt like someone was really teaching me how to "feel" poetry.

I am so excited about building the sense of community with my class using the openers, closers and energizers.

This course offered the process I need to get to the creative--the gradual, trust-building process. It provided the validation I needed to continue the great "stuff"!

This course has helped me to break out of my shell!

This has been the best grad course I have ever taken.

As a person with no experience with drama or poetry, I have always felt uncomfortable using either in my class. Now I know how to infuse both in small ways (at least to start) which will greatly help my students.

A wealth of information, easy to approach, great daily and weekly schedule of activities and projects.

I will use all the team building energizers and warm-ups to continuously build a sense of community in the classroom. This year I will be creating not just writing portfolios, but separate poetry portfolios!

It made me look deeper into my own creativity and at the same time, the potential that lies inside each of my students.

After taking this course, I will teach more poetry/writing than I ever have. I will set up a safe, warm, welcoming classroom. I will always empathize with my students. I will have warm-ups/ icebreakers (they're great!). I will do more group work.

The course was structured very well. I never found myself looking at the clock.

I would make this course a requirement for all teachers and teachers-to-be!


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