"the best grad course I have ever taken" coming again this summer!

Keith and I are so happy when we get feedback like that from people who have taken our courses, as we pride ourselves on giving everyone the best experience we possibly can and really want teachers to take what they have learned and put it to use in their classrooms. We are totally invested and passionate about what we do and sincerely hope that you can join us this summer.

Here are a few more responses from course participants:

We had a super week. Jeff and Keith really guided us through a journey into our creative outlets. I looked forward to coming in every day. They were all-inclusive, knowledgeable and well-prepared.

The fact that it was lunchtime before I blinked and wrap-up time before I was ready to call it a day attests to their skills in being organized and providing seamless transitions from one activity to another.

My knowledge grew exponentially. Real possibilities that I can use immediately and new ways to ask what kids can do, not what I have decided they should do.

An immense success for me as a third grade teacher--endless ideas--realistic, valuable for real classrooms and real students.

It made me look deeper into my own creativity and at the same time, the potential that lies inside each of my students.

I would make this course a requirement for all teachers and teachers-to-be!

You can read more responses by scrolling down the blog.

So to say it once again, we hope you can join us this summer.

Integrating the Arts into the Everyday Curriculum
July 12-16
Barnstable, MA

Integrating Drama and Poetry Across the Curriculum
July 19-23
Barnstable, MA

Both of these courses are open to teachers of all levels and subjects and are three Graduate level credits. They are hands-on, participation-based courses that provide ideas and strategies that can be implemented in your classes right away upon your return to school next fall. Registration information will become available on Northeastern University's website in April. In the meantime, please let us know if you are interested in enrolling, and we'll keep you updated on when and how to register.


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