Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arts Courses Improve both Verbal and Math SAT Scores. Really?

For some people this statement may be unbelievable, after all can't we improve SAT scores (or any standardized, high-stakes test for that matter) only by drilling students to death? Not so. Those of us who teach through the arts understand the power it can have on student learning and how that learning can be transferred in many ways.

David Sousa in his book How the Brain Learns offers the following:on this topic as he cites the work of Vaughn and Winner from 2000 saying the study of the association between students taking arts courses and their SAT scores is one of the largest of its kind taking several years and involving over 10 million American high school students.

-Students who took arts classes had higher math, verbal and composite SAT scores than students who did not take arts classes.
-The more years of art classes, the higher the SAT scores
-Acting classes had the highest correlation with verbal SAT scores while Acting classes, music history, music theory or appreciation had the strongest relationship with math SAT scores.

Something to think about while trying to get those SAT scores up!

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