The Importance of Being a Teacher/Artist

Steve Ross, Jody O'Neil and Keith Caldwell in 'Art'
Keith and I both believe in the importance of being a teacher/artist. This allows the teacher to be grounded in his art on the one hand but remain vital and creative-to break new ground as an artist which will only enhance his teaching-on the other. To that end Keith and I remain committed to working in the theater and were honored to be able to work at the Provincetown Theater on Yasmina Reza's 'Art' in February. I was the director and Keith played the part of Mark. It was an incredible experience to put on a show in the birthplace of modern theater and paid huge dividends in terms of remaining vital in our craft as director and actor and translating that into the classroom. I am also honored to be the sound designer for the upcoming play The Weight of Water by Myra Slotnick and directed by David Drake this Fall. I am excited to be directing the classic comedy Mister Roberts at the Barnstable Comedy Club in March with Keith as a cast member.


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