Deepak Chopra: "Video Game that aids in meditation and relaxation"

We have a Wii system in our house, and we have a great time playing the games, especially together, doing Wii Fit, playing Endless Oceans, Let's Dance II and Zumba to name a few. The thing I love about all of those games is that there is no killing, violence or destruction in any of them-they are all putting out positive messages while helping with personal health and well-being. This seems to be the case with Dr. Deepak Chopra's new game called Leela, "an ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'play,'" according to "Leela is described not as a game, but as a groundbreaking experience, combining ancient relaxation and meditation techniques with technology, to bring focus, energy and balance to one's life." I'm not into endorsing products, and this one doesn't come out until November, but I can get behind the idea of increasing relaxation and meditation techniques with students and parents, many of whom are stressed out beyond belief. And we know that if we can't make students feel safe with as little stress as possible, then we can't get them to learn-it's just how the brain works.

The article goes on to quote Chopra saying, “so much of our modern activity is connected to addictive behavior -- we are addicted to our smart phones, to the internet, to video games,” he postulates. “What I am interested in is, how do we use this addictive tendency to actually further brain development and allow people to grow in intelligence, awareness and consciousness? How can we use knowledge and experience from yoga and make it fun to accelerate brain evolution? I believe that this ‘Leela’, this ‘play’, can honestly help people raise their consciousness and rewire their brains. When Leela becomes available on November 8, players will enjoy using their own abilities to cultivate a healthier, harmonious and more balanced life.”

Looking forward to seeing Leela when it comes out this fall. Read the entire article here.

Thanks to Howard Eaton, Brainchange, on Twitter for posting about this.


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